Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered

We sternly believe in going by the above quote and being remembered is imperative to us. With a rich and significant experience of over 25 years in luxury sector, we have marked an impactful initiation with Brand Aghora Valise ready to steal the heart of premium bag lovers. We are the bag manufacturers, designers and suppliers of high-end luxury bags, with our grass-root ethics of hard work, honesty, humility and trust as our driving value.

  • Use of authentic and premium material in manufacturing of classy relics, makes us pre-eminent among rivals. We maintain a compassion relation with our team of Master-fitters who are connoisseur of handcrafting every piece and turning it into a unique artefact customised specially for your personality.

  • Our commitment to N.N. Creations customers begins before our bags are even made and extends beyond the sale to after-sale services. Right from the moment of bag manufacturing, we rely on our skilled crafts people, our time-tested construction methods and our keen desire to ensure meticulous detailing, shunning even itsy-bitsy slip-ups, thus delivering highest quality bags representing your raised amour propre.

  • Rigorous research is involved before putting any product on floor. Getting valuable feedback from our customers allow us to improve with every design. Customers are involved during designing process with their ideas being appreciated and implemented craft fully; giving them their custom made piece. As a responsible customer oriented organisation, we consider indulging every bit of craftsmanship religiously in our N.N. Creations products thus delivering you the best possible product.