We all love leather bags. It shows the status of its owner and is also the identity of personality. But for making these bags the quality leather should be used which is normally taken from the skins of the animals.

These skins are to be converted into leather and this process is known as tanning. All the Bag Manufacturers in Delhi will have their own tannery or buy the processed leather from those who tan it and sell it. Normally, rawhide is used for the tanning process which is converted into rough leather.

Rawhide is the skin of the animals like buffalo, cow or deer. The flesh and fat of the animal in the rawhide will be removed, dried and then given for tanning. When they are tanned the moisture in the skin is removed and it binds the fiber inside the skin together. After the tanning, the leather becomes water proof, restricts fungi and bacteria’s entering them. The chemical used for this process is usually taken from animal fats or vegetables as well as mineral salt.

We have seen how the leather is made. There are also some other process which is also followed but the common method is only tanning. These tanned leathers are used by the Bag Manufacturers in Delhi to make leather cases; men leather bags, leather purses, ladies bags, travel bags, corporate bags, bags for personal uses, etc.

These leather bags should be maintained well. It should be cleaned using the cotton clothes and it should not expose to sunlight. Ensure that the cloth doesn’t leave the liquid on the bag while cleaning. Hence, it is ideal to try the cleaning process first inside the bag and if satisfied, then you can use it outside.

You should buy leather bags which will suit for all the occasions. You can decide on the plain bag or the bag that is printed according to your taste. But always plain ones that come in neutral colours are ideal as it will go with any kind of attire. Now-a-days, these leather bag manufacturers are available online. So, you can make the purchase from the comfort of your home or office and get it delivered at your door step without any hassle.